Saturday, 29 September 2012

What a wonderful godmothers have G.SHEEBA RANITH MARY!

Godmothers Ms. Alenka Venisnik, Hilary Sveg and Mateja Cerenak have done a wonderful gesture and sent his protege Sheeba gift for birthday, along with the money to buy what she need. For Sheebo was a great surprise.

As soon as she received the package could not express her feelings. She could not believe that this is true. Is this a dream?? She was very anxious to open it and see what's inside. When she opened it and saw things she was very happy.The things which she got it all very necessary for her. God only knows what a person needs. In the same way her godmothers already knows what she needs and they  also sent. This is really a surprise. From the surprise and joy she did not came to the word. But when she spoke, there was no end  of thanksgiving. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ....
Despite the fact that the godmothers far from it, understand what it is necessary and forwarded. Godmothers takes more care of their girl Sheeba. Sheeba said that her godmothers are a  greatest gift in her life. She will never forget them. I love them so mach .... my hearty thanks them for everything and sends them  thousands of kisses.
A really nice way little love can be happy for someone.Only the need to deepen it. In this world should have more people such heart as Mrs. Alenka Venisnik, Hilary Sveg and Mateja Cerenak. They're really beautiful and full of love. I can not find appropriate words to thank them; really a sincere thank you from the bottom of souls. THANK YOU!! ... Their work is worth all the admiration. People like Ms Alenka Venisnik, Hilary Sveg and Mateja Cerenak are real treasure of life. I wish that you will be emulated by others and others will do the same and help more children to go to school,and to have life without hunger and exploitation.
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