Friday, 11 November 2011

“We were work together and succeeded.”

During our visit we met in India Annalakshmi girl, who was affected of unrequited love and combination of circumstances decided that, despite her youth, her life is over, that she sees no more sense to do next.

In this her disappointment, did not see the exit, the disease accurred as a consequence, in such a way that was no longer able to stand on her feet, actually did not want to walk. Back and forth through the village she was carried by the villagers, or she was closed in her home world called ‘poor me.’

Her mother looked after her and because of her years, this was every day more difficult. Our doctor Branka exaimined her and soon found that her mental illness cyst origin and that there is no physical barriers to walking again. With proper aproch Branka & Ayana, the girl only spoke about her problems & why in this state, all this her mother did not know. When we talk about the beauty of life to her, stating that haw to forward depends on her, and that is not the end of her life…it was something in her shifted.

Following an extensive thinking she said that she wants to have a sewing machine to sew for themselves & for others,& thereby contribute to a better tomorrow her & her village. And we gave her ultimatum: ”If you can walk you will get sewing machine!”Is nodded to agree & we started by help of Branka and Ayana we were helped her to stand on her legs….everyone encourage her to put forward at least one step to walk in life. Her legs refused to obey it, however with our help she was able to walk. S he laughed & promised to go forward, that does not stop here.

Soon after our return to Slovenia, Gasper informed me that the girl is already walking and asking, when she will get the sewing machine, because what she promise is completed..And we went into action for the sewing machine-we agreed with Gasper to find a sewing machine in India, we provide money to purchase and yesterday 16.07.2011 the girl got a sewing machine. Thus was created “TWIMC tailoring center” run by Annalakshmi girl. It signed n argument that the sewing machine last TWIMC-a & given into service to girl, with the view to stich for herself, as well to teach younger villagers to sew, otherwise we will put sewing machine to someone else.

Gasper wrote:”Money to by sewing machine for TWIMC tailoring centre was donated by the Organization : Eko Alt Vindol”, for which is Miss. Annalakshmi, President TWIMC Thirukulai branch Mr. Sebasthikannu, villagers Southpanciyur & Chairmen TWIMC Gasper Orehek infinitely grateful. Thank you!!!So in this way the girls & women of the most impoverished villages can at least help them a little more for pleasant tomorrow.

Ayana has written:”I hope that she will stich something for us on our next visit! The Organization “Eko Alt Vindol” wish her good luck in her creation. This is a great assest to the villagers & Annalakshmi life!”
I say:”Thank you Branki & Ayani for their heart & knowing how to help girl from its shell,& Marjani Kos, who was listen to us & donate funds to purchase sewing machines & thus save girls life & also better future to the whole village.”

“There is someni path to help others, but only depends on us whether we see or not, in practically, are we really ready to do something?”

Wrote: Nevenka Mulej
Photos: Gasper Orehek
Translation: Gasper Orehek

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.