Friday, 7 September 2012

We had a nice shopping day!

On Sunday I took to  the shopping childrens R.Sharmila and E.Priyadrshni, which have  godparents Mr. Marko Celarc and Mrs. Marina Zavski  Celarc and J.Bill Royce, which have  godmother Mrs. Olga Arhanič.

The children were delighted to have godparents  that  make them  possible to choose the clothes. Greater joy they could not do. We also have a beautiful day when we see their joy.
Recently, the godparents  Mr. Marko and Mrs. Marina send a package for the girls and then they get to know each other and befriend. It was nice to see them when we went from the parking to the store. They go hend by hand and happily talking on the way to the supermarket. As a true sisters. Even the clothes they collect  are similar.
Bill was agreed to appear before the trade, which is close to the bus station that he will not be able the first to walk up to us and back to the shop. Bill has birthday on Sunday and his godmather sent money to buy what he wants. He wish  the new clothes, because until now has never had. He was wearing a worn clothing.
This shopping  was for all something new. Till today  none of them had the opportunity to choose what to dress themself. It was very funy. They lost their sense of fear. They usually come full purchase all worries how it looks and that everybody will watch them? They chat and forgotten on fear and choose clothes. First we bought clothes for the girls. They were excited when they saw a lot of  clothes. And one is more beautiful than another. When they thought that they chose then salesman  show new traders, which is even more beautiful. However the decision was difficultand they choose a beautiful dresses. They Selected a similar dress in the same color. How were they handsome in a new dresses. Real young princesses.
Bill wanted a T-shirt and shorts. When he tried on, it was all as custom-made for him. He chose a nice shirt and pants.
At the time of purchase came to chat with us shop owner. Children was very happy when he  serve coffee with milk. Children were amazed. They  coming to the store , select what they  want and even get a cup of coffee. Something like that we could not think of even in our dreams.
It was a day that children will not be forgotten. Their joy is indicated by smiling faces and sparkling eyes of joy. Yesterday they were in hopeless situation, often hungry and tired, but today have both good and caring sponsors. Godparents they call Mom and Dad and they are immensely grateful and love them with all their  hearts. Me too were very happy and  forgot about all the problems and feel younger.
When I mentioned to Bill that he will on Sunday got a cake for his birthday. He was surprised and extremely happy. He told me: "Uncle, may I already celebrating my birthday today. I'm so happy. I'd like to celebrate it with you and my friends. I have nobady at home  that would celebrate with me. Because I'm poorer and without a father to me all avoid. Never in my life I was not so lucky. I thank God that he gave me such a good mom who takes care of me so well. Until today I did not think that would have a birthday cake. Oh my mom is godheart.This  day I will not forget as long as I live. "His eyes glowed with joy.
I fulfilled his wish, stopped in the bakery and order a cake. Promised that they was going as fast as possible to do.
In this time when we wait for the cake, we visited the shop of footwear. There we have selected our princess slippers and then we went for ice cream. For Bill, it was the first time  but the girls were here already. They constantly repeat how they want to be their godparents with them, so that they can embrace and told them how they are happy and that they love them.
We're home together and  congratulate Bill on his birthday. Once here habit he the first piece gave to his mom and then she him. We then divided the cake among children and me we were so privileged. It was a good cake.
Before leaving home they  want to be sure thatI  shall not forget to thank godparents on their kindness. Thanksgiving there was no end. Sending them  nice welcome and wish them all the best sending them thousands of kisses ......
I too would like to godparents from the heart thank for giving me the chance that I can made a day to your childs. Your work dear godparents is worth all admirable. I am glad to see that it is in our beloved world more and more people like you. All of us have an example.
Dear godparents and friends ... enjoy watching images from which shines happiness of children. If you have not yet  ... decide for sponsorship an  enable children for happiness that they deserve, right?
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