Friday, 11 January 2013

V. Ansuya

About Anusuya I hear from teacher. She sent me a message that the girl is in the most critical situation and would like to see if I can help. 

I went to visit her at home. I was shocked when I saw her house. The house was made only from coconut leaves. There was no wall. And during the rainy season still water flooded the house. And all insects, snakes, scorpions, etc. come into the house. Her mother still murmuring to himself, but I do not understand. She constantly talking to herself. And how can a girl learn in such conditions? Her mother is unable to work, so they depend on the help of others. When I saw her condition I was thinking what to do, who will help her? Thank God the Oly Narava decided to become her godmother. She decided to help her in studies. Since she can not accept the conditions under which she lives also help with any other needs. She sent the money to buy and repair the house. Now is a good year around. Ansuya has changed greatly, becoming confident, learning better, already knows a few English words. My wife and I were surprised how she has changed, when we saw her last. Now Oly to Anusuya embellish her holidays with that sent money to further repair the hut from the rest of the money will have to eat. Now they no longer need to worry about when the monsoon rains. Ansuya is his godmother grateful from the bottom of her heart. As like me and  my wife. We want people like Oly come forward to help these poor children a better life without the possibility of hunger and possibility of education.

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.