Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The first shopping with more kids

On Sunday 07/01/2012 was very exhausting  and unbelievably beautiful day for Gasper, because he spent in the company of some children who have godparents in Slovenia. The children were very happy. This you can see  by smiling faces and sparkling eyes of the joy.
Gasper says:  "My heart sings of joy.  With kids I forget all the trouble and hard work. I feel younger. "

That was the day that children and Gasper will never forget. Firstly he organized a group shopping with kids who are getting money from their godparents as gift for the birthday. Gsasper  drove kids in shopping,  on ice cream and lunch in a restaurant.
With them they took the A. FRANCINA ANCY, since her godmother KATJA SEVŠEK  a few days ago expressed a desire to be happy, if Gasper took Ancy on ice. It has been a pleasant and joyful surprise. She was happy together with other  kids. Gasper noted that Ancy had no shoes (sandals are ripped and she came barefoot) has bought sandals and together with other children led her to lunch.
M.ATHEESWARI for the money she  received for his birthday from godmather SUZANA FINK bought new clothes and school bag. She was overjoyed, because she is free to chose what she liked. Ice cream and lunch in the restaurant was very happy.
JOHN PAU, the protege of  godmother  named AVRELIJA TRAFELA. She sent money for the birthday  and he chose clothing and footwear. The big surprise was the cake  from  godmather. All children and administrators congratulate him and the cake was divided. Never in theirs childhood have not celebrated a birthday, let alone to get such beautiful gifts and even a cake. It will be memorable birthday celebration. John Pau also wanted chocolate. Because Gasper has not managed to buy, gave him money to buy it himself. His happiness and satisfaction you can se on photos. Ice cream and lunch are made at him even more perfect.
M.NATIYA from her godfather Mateja Požar and Majda Piko already got the cake, which are ordered through the website  www.lovenwishes.com. Through this site have been repeatedly ordered the cake and is very tasty. Natiya for the  sent money choose clothes, shoes and school bag.
Children are amazed ... how godperents know when they have birthday, even when they themselves did not know. And how nice they felt when they can choose their own clothes and everything they need. Yesterday hungry and without a future, but today they have such a good and caring godmothers. Kids often call them  Mom and Dad are grateful and love them with all their hearts.
Godparents, Gasper tells you: "I too would like to heartily thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a happy day to some kidsand had joy with them. Dear godparents your work is worth of all admiration. I am happy because I see that in our beloved world have more and more people like you. You all are an examplefor all of us. "
Dear godparents and friends ... enjoy while watching the images from which shines happiness of children. If you have not ... decide for sponsor and   enable happiness to the children . they  deserve it, arent they?

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.