Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sriram was happy again

This year godfather Andrej also remembered about Srirams birthday. That meant the boy will get a new dress and shoes. He knew the store from last year, when he got money from his godfather sent as a gift.

With pleasure and help from my wife he chose shirt and pants, and then some shoes. Of course he also wanted an ice cream and ate it with pleasure. Unfortunately his brother was lying at home sick with a high fever so could not be with us to enjoy.
He changed at home to his new clothes and it was nice to see a happy and smiling face. He wished that his father was with him so he could thank him with a hug and tell him he loves him. He drew a nice drawing for him and let me take a picture of him
We're also grateful with my wife, that we could be part of this beautiful experience.
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Thank you!

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