Friday, 3 August 2012

Srinivasan was delighted and surprised!

Godmather Erika Žagar send a packet for Srinivasan (I think you remember the boy with the dog joyfully, to which we were looking for godmother. Boy is a big animal lover. He  collecting dogs from roads and take them home, because he feel sorry for).

Srinivasan was surprised and happy. Did not come up with words of astonishment. He could not believe it's true what he sees. He got such a great package that he is barely holding in his hands. Filled with the wonder was no end. : Immediately he  dressed in a new shirt and pants as if they were tailored for him. Merry was the bags, because she had long wanted, but he could not buy. All this was in the package and in addition, everything he need for school: notebooks, full arrow, ...
Thanksgiving there was no end. He has conducted research and looked at what he got and should not be amazed. Besides he said: "How good mommy I got in Slovenia. How I would like to be beside me now and it he want to  said: Mom I love you. "
We were also happy  when we were watching how happy and pleased he was with all things he got.
Thank you Erika! A nice night you brighten us, but especially to Srinivasan. I do not believe that he sleep at night. I am sure that he late at night at home review things. And with what pleasure he will go to school with a new bag. THANK YOU FROM THE HEART!
Srinivasan told me to tell you that from all his  heart thanks to you. loves you and sends you a thousand kisses and wish you all the best in life.

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