Saturday, 19 January 2013

Shiyam get gift for birthday!

Oh, how wonderful godmother has Shiya. Thank God he have such a good godmother as Farhiye Hassaballa.



Even he did not know it was his birthday but his godfather (mother, as he is calling her) knew. It has been a wonderful surprise when he found out it was his birthday and that his mother sent money and he  can choose and buy what he wants. He did not have bag to school and he wished it. So I drove to the store with bags in which he himself chose the bag and pencil bag. He will be eager to go to school now with a new bag and pencil bag. Then I drove to the store with books, where I bought him a book for English refinement. That would be even more perfect day I drove to the pastry to Shiya sweeten the ice cream. So far, only eat ice cubes, which are sold on the streets. Oh how good it was. He spoke very little, because it was quite beside himself with joy. The only word was THANK YOU! When I drove him back home he told me: "how good is  my mother in Slovenia. I would have liked, it is now next to me and it hug her  and said:  mom I love you. "At the reputation told me to tell mom that he loves her, sincere thanks to her and sends her kisses wagon.
Thank you Farhiye, you allow us to, we can make happy your Shiya. The boy knows that the mind is always with him and he thinks a lot of you. Your act is worth all admirable and you can us an example to all.
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