Saturday, 19 January 2013

Santa Claus was good to us!

We had really looking forward to December, which is now looking forward to continuing in January.

They would be Christmas and New Year holidays, as usual, if it was not Child Society godparents TWIMC, you Lydia and Igor Fischer, godparents and friends who have our children brighten the holidays with packages sent and enabled purchases. Packages still raining and a few purchases before the door of a four-day festive season, which here is called PONGAL.
The feeling is unique, alone joy, when I see how the children are happy. The greatest happiness make people happy, especially children and not by better feeling.
In addition to the donated school supplies we have over 100 children all the way from Dindigala, which is 400km away from us, but Kalathidalkarai that away from us is 200 km, school St. Joseph Primary School, village Iruppukurichi and of course here in the very Cuddalore already awarded clothes for children. Very happy and grateful to have the volunteers to give them the opportunity that they too can be happy this year a good number of children. And thank from the heart. When I was visiting in pdružnice Kalathidalkarai and I Dindigal volunteers handed clothes to be distributed to the children, they know, they have nothing. Some are making leaping for joy and rejoice when they get clothes. Since most will be the first time that the holidays dressed in nice clothes. Thanksgiving there was no end. The faces are smiling and told all. The rest is a few clothes that you intend to offer during Pongal holidays now that some poor children is enhanced holidays.
Thank you Lydia and Igor. They really are beautiful and full of love. My thanks are also Ani Fava, who took care of the donation sent the first package and Mateja Fire, Majdi Piko, members of the Society ILCO, Renata Laznik, Lydia Fischer and Igor, that take care of the donation sent another package. B thank and also to all who have donated clothing from the heart and allow us to think we can now put on more than 100 children.


Dear friends, when some children choose the company for clothes and choose what they wear and eat the rest of the world live in severe deprivation. Very little is needed to draw a smile on the faces of the islands, they enable things that we take for granted: a roof over their head, food, education. Decide and help them, you will be grateful.
Contact us. Children. in urgent need of assistance are published on the website or in the Society godfathers children TWIMC.

We had really looking forward to December, Which is now looking Forward to Continuing and January.
They Would Be Christmas and New Year holidays, as usual, if it was not

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.