Thursday, 16 February 2012

Letter to mummy Lidija and deddy Igor Fischer!!!

On 29.12.2011 we had the Thane cyclone at that time our house roof of the tiles started fell one by one even it fell on us.

Haw are you?We all are fine here.
On 29.12.2011 we had the Thane cyclone at that time our house roof of the tiles started fell one by one even it fell on us.Because of the night we did not go anywhere.We all stood in the corner of the house.By the grace of God we were alive.The next day morning when the wind was blow heavy we run and stay in the somebody house who gave us shelter.Two days we stay there then we come back and we saw all the cloths and books were wet.We tried them and using.Mr.Gasper with family come to see our house.They saw and inform you.You have helped us.
Now we arrange our roof and living.We all thank you for your help.
Yours Lovingly,
M.Swetha &M.Kowsalya

I would like to add this:
I can not tell you how very impressed I am,how eternally grateful and happy when I see how good people are there in this our beloved world. I can not find adequate words to thanks for help,a friendly word and also the financial support of Mr.Igor Fischer and Mrs.Lydia who give their girls M.Swetha,M.Kowsalya whom they are godparents and not only that,together with Dr.Savitri Albinca Pesek,Mr.Marjan Sirjanec,Laydy Mateja Pozar and Mjda Pika and along with other friends,godparents have helped their wards and many more children whom godparents did not help or were unable to help,and even children who do not have godparents to getting back their roof on their hut.
A really sincere thank you from bottom of the soul.THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!...You were in a lot of moral support.Thanks to you! We are much easier to tolerate a deep crisis because of you in the black days of cyclone Thane.Now kids have a roof over their head again and with out worries can go to school.I thank God that I have friend like you.You are really beautiful and you can be a role model to many.
Thanks from the heart.
"Let the world is full of such people like you.People who share the hope and happiness,with out the requirement."
Let your guardian angel watches over you and protects you from all evil.


"Life is an opportunity to self improvement and to do good to others." 

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