Friday, 18 January 2013


I can not describe to you what a delight and surprise made godmather Darinka Hojnik for Kamatchi by sending money to purchase New Year. 


Grateful to God that she have such a good mommy. She told me how she want to hug her and tell her how very much she loves her. She  sang a song of joy. At the time of purchase she was a great help for other children. He is very confident and has assumed the role of leader. The knowledge of English is also progressing well and helped me explanatory children and dealers around the shops they want.
She wanted a very good clothes and she  picked the two and a bit more durable sandals that are very beautiful. To make day more beautiful we stopped at the patisserie. Very happy she was when she ate ice cream, because it was her first in her life.
Farewell commissioned me to tell godmother that she loves her and from the heart thank warmly greets to grandmother, to remember her in prayers and sending her thousands of kisses.
I thank her to that she able me  to made her protégée holidays beautifull.
Her work is worth all the admiration. For all of us she is an example. People like her are the real treasure of life.
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