Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Humble request from Gasper Orehek.


I am a world citizen named Gasper Orehek.I started my world tour in 1984 on foot.I reached India in 1992.In 1994 I married a girl from Tamilnadu.
My tour covered 45 countries through Europe,Africa and Asia.I walked and covered 1lakh 50thousnth km..In my tour of the world on foot I come to know,understood perceived many problems of people of different regions in particular I found India as a mini world.India is a accumulation of all aspect attracted me very much,the beauty of the nature as well as the culture of the people of India.In India the rich life style happends to be among the hands of very few.For poor the ordinary life is not possible.They were separated from the society.Due to this they affected by hunger,poverty and physical sickness.
To help them with love and belief in a better world I walked to them.With joint forces I made the first step.I found the TWIMC charitable trust.With the motto of"All are my sisters and brothers."The World Is My Country (TWIMC) AT Cuddalore district,Vannarapalyam.
My organization is helping now more than 200 students (100 is from Cuddalore) for their studies.To help these children along with me my friends from Slovenia Mr.Igor and Mrs.Lidija Fisher start an organization Drustvo botrev otrok TWIMC in Slovenia.The basic aim of TWIMC in Slovenia is help poor orphan children,by the help of godparents.
Now we have our branches at Dindigul,Thirupatur,Thirukkuvalai,Iruppukurichi,which operate under the management of supervisors,appointed by me;people from the environment priest,teacher,s,etc...
In the village named Iruppukurichi which is only 55 km away from Cuddalore the poor farmers from the village so much impresed about my advocating for the poor they decided to donate the land to TWIMC to build orphanage,home for the elderly, Antony Sammy,Panneerselvam,Periyanaygam,Pushpa Raj,Palthasar and Adaikalasamy donated TWIMC the land of 75 cents.
The old counsellor A.Gnanamuthu ,his brother present prsident A.Irudayasamy and Teacher A,Retchager are also so impressed ,they also decided to donate a pice of land to build an orphanage,home for elderly.They donated 25cents of land which is value of 5.5 lacks rupees.On 27.09.2012 we land overwrite to the organization TWIMC and registered.For that my heartful thanks to them.THANK YOU.
The gesture is worthy of all admiration.All these people can serve as examples to us all.Let be the world full of such people as they are,people who share the hope and happiness unconditionally.
In turn I will with the help of friends,people of good hearts who are willing to help build orphanage and homes for the elderly ,etc...Thanks to all who want to join to help build the orphanage,home for the elderly,etc...
Our desire is to put LOVEABLE HOME (as an orphanage and a home for the elderly called) as soon as possible.So every rupee is welcome.The plans and estimate for the construction of LOVEABLE HOME done freely by the En.Sugumaran.The estimete amount is Rs.86 lacks. I request kind hearted doners to come forward and contribute according to their abilities.
Those who want to donate can call me 9488013848 ;also can in touch with me along the E-mail


“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.