Sunday, 22 July 2012

Godmather Suzana Fink made her protégé happy again!

Last time I drove Atheeswari along with other children shopping at the request of her godmother Mrs. Suzana Fink. But the godmathers heart can not found peace and wanted it to be the 10th Atheeswari birthday unforgettable. She contract and also sent money along with the package.

I was surprised that the money arrived in the package. Usually, the path loss on the way . She wrote to buy her a cake and take it along with the package to Atheeswari. It has taken a lot of joy and surprise. Something like a girl did not represent either in a dream.
Although it was the school day, I asked the teacher to allow Atheeswari stay home. On the dusty road I was driving slalom between the holes. I arrived in the village named Veeramur (the road is known to Igor and Lidija Fischer- that only now has even more holes, but you known them since we were together visiting Aruna, Sheeba and Kasthuri-up there is quite a drive). I arrived a little bit tired, but my  tired quickly passed when I saw how much was Atheeswari happy and surprised. When she  were taking things a from package, she  just looking with big eyes. She repeating the words: "Oh how many things, oh how good my mommy is." She got the clothes. She  have long wanted dolls and it was in the package. There was even a teddy bear, a gift from the godmather. Even this was very pleased. She pressed him to herself and said, 'Mom you're not here to make this hug and tell you how much I love you, but now I will place you hugged a teddy bear,  it will sleep with me. " In the package was a picture of godmother : "oh finally I got a picture of my mother," and kissed her. Thanksgiving there was no end, but when I brought the cake out of the car it was with surprise and joy, quite shocked. People from the village they are watching and saying, "Atheeswari is really lucky to have such good, loving mother who takes care of her so beautifully." When we cut the cake Atheeswari selflessly offered to each one a piece. When it has done she made a very nice gesture. She asked me: "Uncle, should you  drive me to school, to give a piece of cake to my teacher, because without her would not be godmother. She helped me that I came to the godmother "(I think Lidija and Igor still remember when the teacher sent a few kids that were urgently needed aid, when we were with Arunas home). I drove her to school. The teacher was surprised and delighted and said: "I knew that you are apoor, good girl, but you've got such a good heart, that I never imagined. I'm really glad I helped you and you got such a good mother, who care about you so beautiful. Now I know that you will have a beautiful future. "
We were happy, kids were happy, because we shared the rest of the cake between them. It was for all unique, memorable day.
Atheeswari is continually give thanks and thanks. You do not have better feeling than to see smiling eyes, which glow with delight. The effort is rewarded.
Constantly she was ordered to tell the mother that she love her, that she is infinitely grateful and  willpray for her. She wants all the best in life to her.
I too would like to thank Mrs. Suzana Fink, because she gave me the opportunity to make happy  a girl. For me it was one of the most beautiful days. Godmather may be an example to us all. Her gesture is worth all the admiration. People like her are the real treasure of life.

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