Sunday, 15 July 2012

Gasper is happy to get a new phone!

Today I got a message from Gasper. He was extremely happy because he got the phone from godparents Marko and Marina Celarc. The phone is the first extremely useful gift for TWIMC LOVEABLE HOME.

He  will be locally connected and will be easier to communicate and regular contact. Gasper is excited because the mobile phone can also take pictures and we can now more often be in contact and get more information and photos, which are all very excited  for us. Gasper will be now in regular contact with  volunteers, since the village was so far and they have no phone. His happiness is boundless. He says he would prefer to dance with joy. Now that is beginning to build orphanages and homes for the elderly will Gasper, more frequently on the road and it will facilitate communication with volunteers. How will people only be happy when they get the phone and will be in regular contact with Gašper.
Marko and Marina Celarc, Gasper  thanks you from the heart and says: "You are a true treasure of life. Many have set an example. If they were all like you guys, it was heaven on earth. God be with you and you two guards at every step. "
Dear friends respond you too ... please help if you can. Gasper says that any help is welcome. If you want to help to build TWIMC LOVEABLE HOME posts in Slovenia can be credited to the account SOCIETY CHILDREN TWIMC godfathers at Banka Koper 1010-0005-0872-324 marked CHAR (charity), to avoid the cost of sending money abroad. You may also indicate Account directly to TWIMC in India to the following account: Western Union Gasper Orehek No.4.Kuttiappan Nagar, Vannarapalyam and CUDDALORE-607 001, Tamilnadu, India TWIMC bank account: TWIMC Charitable Trust Account: 30411201028 HOME BRANCH: 00755 TIRUPPAPULIYUR ( CUDDALORE) PBNO.1, POTIRUPPAPPULIYUR, CUDDALORE, DIST: Arcot (S) 607002 Tamilnadu
Thank you in advance with all my heart!

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