Monday, 15 October 2012


Ah! What a wonderful godparents for Kowsalya and Swetha. They have to thanks God to have such a godparents as Mr.Igor and Mrs.Lidija Fischer are.

For both girls are sent the money to buy some shoes,chapels.When the girls learn that they sent money to buy a chapels were overjoyed and said, what a loveable parents we have.. . They went for the first time together for shopping.
My wife and I drove them to the store with the shoes. Where we Swetho first bought shoes with socks, which are essential to the hospital. Swetha is studying the nurse.. Then they choose for themselves a little better slipper.
To be a perfect day I'm on the way back to their home drove them to the ice cream parlor..
There, they said: "If our parents are near to us we will hugged and kissed them.. We love our parents very much and we are infinitely grateful. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ....
We love you..They was so happy..Swetha in Kowsalya will never forget this day in their life.
Really nice how a little love can make happy for someone. Only the need to deepen it.I would like that more kids have a godmother or godfather as Mr.Igor and Mrs.Lidija Fischer to cheering them and enable the child's standard of living.
They are doing a lot for them.
Kawsalya has a little bit of problem of walking. Mr.Igor and Mrs.Lidija Fischer take much care of her. They pay all medical expenses for her to take X-ray,MRI scan,etc...
. When their house damaged by the Thane cyclone. They helped them to rearranged it.
The people very much affected by the Thane cyclone. They also decided to help them. They asked for the help from friends. By the help of friends they build and repaired 40 huts.
People are very much grateful to them.
Further more Mr.Igor and Mrs.Lidija Fischer are very active in finding new godfather/mother. Because of them now lot of children got godfather/mother,better future.
They also give us opportunity to help and dress over 200 poor children by offering clothes which was collected by them and by other friends and sent to us.
By the help of friends they also open TWIMC office in Slovenia.
We are very much proud and thank to God that he gave us such good loveable friend. We cannot tell you that how we are very much impressed,how eternally grateful and happy when we see how good people are there in this our beloved world. How nice this world it will be if have more people with such heart as Mr.Igor and Mrs.Lidija Fischer. Really they are wonderful and full of love.At least more people have heart like Mr.Igor and Mrs.Lidija Fischer and their friends the world will be heaven. You are really beautiful and you can be a role model of to many.
I cannot find adequate words to thanks to them,a really sincere thanks to them from bottom of the soul.. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!THANK YOU!......Their work is worthy of all admiration.People like Mr.Igor & Mrs.Lidija Fischer are the real treasure of life.


"Happiness is not so much i having as sharing.We make living by what we get,but we make life by what we give."



“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.