Thursday, 2 August 2012

Francine Ancy fulfill hidden wish!

Godmather Katja Sevšek sent money for  A.Francina Ancy, as a reward for good school results.  She asked me to take  her protégé for shopping and she should buy what she needs and wants. Francine has wanted watch  a long time.

Now she will be able to buy watch and she will have the memory of the godmother. However, because she needed clothes and shoes, we first drove to the store with clothing and footwear. She bought the dress, by her own choice and she was very happy. With the help of my wife has bought other things that she needed to get dressed and sandals. Sandals had only those which had been worn. Now she need not fear that she will have to walk barefoot, when she will present scrapers.
Then we drove to the store for watches, where she bought a watch by her  own choice. Her joy was immeasurable. She could not believe she  has a watch, which he had long wished to buy. Thanksgiving there was no end. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! She kept repeating how good mother she have , how she would like to squeeze her now in a hug and told her: "Mom I love you"
In the end, I drove the girls to ice cream. Both will not forget this day. And mee too. Oh how nice it is, when you can help someone and see the faces of happynes. I am grateful to Katja, that gave me the chance to make  Francina happy.
Francine ordered me to tell mom that she heartily thank her, send her  warmly greets , she will pray for her and that she love for. Sending her thousands kisses and wishes her all the best in life, because she  deserve it with her kindness.
Katja Sevšek can set an example to us all. Her act is worthy of all admiration. Because of people like Katja Sevšek the life in our beloved world would be more user-friendly. Many times I'm thinking how nice it would be, if would be more people like her.
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