Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dhayanithy and Moorthy were thrilled with the new clothes!

Yesterday, Gasper took the shopping M.Dhayanithya M.Moorthya and brother. Dhayanithys godmather is Tjasa Vusnik and Moorthys Danica, her grandmother. They were delighted and surprised that you are free to choose clothes according to their wishes.

They also visited the store with the shoes. They got new clothes and shoes. They also need a school bag, so they bought them. Now only need new school clothes, which will take care of their grandmother. Schools have different uniforms and grandmother would buy the most appropriate goods and give to sew. Bought the other things that are necessary for the school. They stopped for lunch at the Gašper home. On the way home by the Gasper drove an ice cream and even brighter for the them have such a beautiful day, since the first time in their  life says eating ice cream. So far, only eat ice cubes, which are sold on the street on their way to school. This was the icing on the cake. The two boys were like in a dream. They constantly give thanks: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and ordered me to tell godmother, that they have an infinite love. For someone so small things have been a great pleasure for them. They looked forward to the Gasper and his family, because as Gasper says: You do not have better feeling than the smiling sparkling eyes they tell us everything. Gasper is very grateful Tjašas granny Danica and of course Bernarda-Tjašas Vušnik mother, who has also contributed some money to buy that gave them the chance to be happy and look great in a bright day two the poor boys.

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.