Saturday, 29 September 2012

D. Alis Brisila Mary was like a princess

Mrs. Staša Koblar the godmather of D. Alis Brisila Mary. As seen in how bad conditions living her child, she decided to helpher . She sent me money to take her shopping, where she can buy what she need.

She has worn a dress from someone who no longer needed it. With the help of my wife have bought everything she needed from trousers, sleeping sheaths, dresses and other as needed. Then we bought her flip-flops, which is urgently needed.
Then I took her out for ice cream. She could not belive what she can bought and got the ice cream too. So far, only eat ice cubes, which are sold on the streets.
Then we drove to my house to change into, and that we will see her in the new suit. To all of us she seemed like a princess. With her we are all looking forward to. It will be for us beautiful memory.
I can not find the right words to describe what was her joy when she herself can select the things that she liked. He kept repeating how good god mother she have, how she would like to squeeze in a hug and told her: "Mom, I love you! MANY THANKS FOR ALL!" Farewell Alis please me to tell godmother to convey to her her warmest thanks, nice welcomes , to pray for her and that she loves her. Ehe sent her thousands of kisses. Wishes her all the best in life, because she deserves it for her goodness. I am also grateful to stature that I was given the opportunity to make Alis happy. Staša is an example to us all. Make the world full of such people like her. People who share the hope and happiness without the requirement. "
Dear friends, when some children choose the firm for clothes and choose what they wear and eat the rest of the world children live in severe deprivation. Decide you too! Become godparents to these poor children. Very little is needed to draw a smile on children's faces to give them things that we take for granted .... roof over their heads, food, schooling, health care .... Make them child worth living .... they will be thankful.
Contact us. Kids who need help are published on the website  or on facebook: Društvo botrov otrok TWIMC.

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.