Sunday, 1 April 2012

Birth day gift!!!

When Andel receive the parcel from us which was send to her by her godmothers Mrs.Milojka Serbec Turk she was suprised and said.Ouuu ...what a surprise such a huge parcel.She was excited and opened the parcel eagerly.There were many things like toys,note books,pillow,blanket,etc...From surprise and joy she can find no words. Is this true?Are these dream?Something like this happens in fairy tales!

She was hug the pillow happily. and telling.Mummy,mummy I love you!I love you....Thank you so much...Thank you so much....The tears come from her eyes by happiness.
Seeing us the village people gathered there and said haw lucky girl you are.Your godmother is so great.Haw far away she is.Haw much love.Your godmother has a wonderful heart with your parents don't have..In this village many children getting help,but nobody get such a gift.Even she doesn't know when is her birthday.She never celebrated also.Even she cannot dream that such a gift she can get.But she get it.
Really nice,haw little love can be happy for someone.Only the need to deepen it.In this world should have more people such heart as Mrs.Milojka Serbec Turk.Really she is wonderful and full of love.


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