Thursday, 30 August 2012

B. Raja birthday, which would have enabled him godparents

B. Raja birthday, which would have enabled him godparents  Božič Valentina and Mitja with children Lana and Lono. For Raja was the perfect birthday surprise.

Did not even know, it was his birthday, he never celebrate it. The whole family is very constructed and connected to Raja, who is at a very young age lost his father. With two brothers by the mother could no longer earn a living, so they have to left the school. First we get a godfatherfor Sriram and after for the Raja. Godparents sent the money to Raja and said we should buy what he want. They wanted to make it nice and celebrated that he is remembered. For the rest of the money to buy what in the house most in need. They live in a rental house and basically have nothing of their own. I enclose a picture of "kitchen" with cooking on the "stove" if I may say. I had a feeling that someone was rejected and they are now used for cooking. Mother is illiterate. Can only sign it and it's taught by her son Sriram. The boy is the best in school and a few  days ago his godfather Andrej for his great success sending a gift. Raja is just started school and is very smart. He already likes to go with his brother to supplementary lessons. The kids are incredibly clever and are currently waiting for a beautiful future. THANK YOU FROM THE HEART ALL OF YOU!! When I arrived with a cake in my hands and gave it to Raj were both with mother very surprised. Domain we have that we will cut it when we get to purchase things that they need and you will be able to choose. It seemed as if both dreaming and do not know what this is about. Finally, puzzled mother speaks: "Raja's birthday? I did not know! "When we discussed what to buy they do not know what to answer. Then the Raja expressed his wish that he would like to have new clothes. So far, only wearing old clothes, which have been donated from others when they are no longer needed. Mommy wanted to buy a quick cooker. In doing so, the rice is cooked quickly and she could save both time and heating. My wife and I drove the engine Raja in the clothing store. Wholesale and looked around his dark eyes are glowed. For the first time in the store. I'm sure he thinks he's dreaming. He still did not realize that he can choose new clothing of his own choice. When he came a little to himself he chose Pants and two beautiful shirts. Oh how he was happy and proud when they put him in the shop with a bag of clothes. There I was at the thought of how many people wear new clothes again, and tomorrow they no longer like and discard. How many stores explore the month to change? These kids do not have anything to wear. Only with the help of their godparents is enabled. Mom was quick pot and bought a few containers. Good thing it was with me my wife. . I'm more familiar with empty containers. As Raja wears lunch to school in a plastic box I bought for him and his brother in a container which will be capable of carrying food to school. On the way home we stopped at the patisserie that Raja sweeten the ice cream. Oh how good it was. Talk a little, as he was quite beside myself with joy. The only word was THANK YOU! At home, we cut the cake. First, the Raja offered a piece of cake to mom and mother then him. Then we also sweetened with cake. Mmmm cake was really great. Only the Raja came home to him and we said farewell to subscribe to mommy and daddy (godparents) that they like the most, they are sincerely grateful and send them thousands of kisses. Also, from the bottom of her heart thanks mom, who will now be able to proudly cooked. Nice lady welcomes Valentina and g.Mitja, and wants them all to the most beautiful and true to God watches over every step and that the prayers prayed for them. I'm sure he did not sleep that night I think it will take some time to realize that this does not happen only in fairy tales. My wife and I are delighted with them. Thanks a family Božič, which has enabled us to be happy we are one family. Godfparents us you can be an example to all. People like you are the real treasure of life. Act of yours is worth all the admiration. Dear friends, become godmother too. With this, when you make happy these needy children will also be happy yourself. Take a look up our website:

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.