Thursday, 18 October 2012

Avrelija made Sandhiya happy

Sandhiya is happy to solve poverty by her godmother Trafela Avrelija, who has decided to help her to education and thus a better future. Without her help Sandhiya would probably end up as a beggar on the street or would married too soon. Avrelija help Sandhiya other way tooso she sent the money and asked me to drive her protégé shopping and she should buy what she need and what she want.

She has worn a dress from someone who is no longer needed. Since she needed and wanted clothes and shoes, I took her with my wife to the store with the dress. Wholesale looked around and her dark eyes are quite glowed with joy. For the first time in my her life she was in store. She could not comprehend that she is there and to be able to choose new clothing. She picked a little better clothes, with  my wife's help they bought other things she needed.
Then we drove to the store with the shoes, where she chose flip-flops and also bought an umbrella. Monsoon rains at the door and an umbrella will help her not to go to school soaking wet. On the way to my house as  usually  we stopped for ice cream. Oh it was so good. Se spoke little, since she was quite beside herself of joy. So far, she only delicacy eaten only ice cubes, which are sold on the streets.
At home she has changed into a new dress. She was  very nice.
I can not find the right words to describe what was her joy. From the joy she dance. She kept repeating how good mother she have, how would she like to squeeze in a hug and told her: "Mommy I love you! Thank you very much for everything!! "With her, we all rejoiced. This day we will never foget.
When Sandhiya went home she please me  to thank from the heart to her godmother, warmly greets her, she will  pray for her and she loves her very much. She sent her thousands of kisses. She wants her all the best in life, because she  deserves all the best. I am also grateful to Avrelijas, that gave me the opportunity to make Sandhiya happy. Avrelia is an example to us all. Her work is worth all the admiration. Let the world full of such people like her. People who share the hope and happiness unconditionally.
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