Friday, 4 January 2013


Atheseari was so happy to purchase it before leaving danced and sang to her godmother. Godmather Suzana Fink makes protégé extremely happy when she sent the money for her.

Atheeswari came barefoot, as were her only slipper torn, so she is particularly grateful to godmother.She will no longer walk barefoot. In addition to shoes she wanted a new dress. After shopping we went for ice cream, which the children especially look forward to. At home, she changed clothes and put on the new sandals. From happiness she is glowing. As sunshine. Dear Suzana, Atheswari has asked me to thank you and send you kisses. Is proud and happy to have such a good godmother.
Even my wife and me were very grateful to you for your good heart. By happy child, happy at the same time all of us. Thank you!


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