Sunday, 27 November 2011

Among Indian Kulis

When I recently read an article about Gašper Orehek, TWIMC, and his invitation for child sponsorship, for »godfathers«, in Pozitivke, it was like a personal message for me.

Correspondence was quick and concrete, and “EkoAlt Vindol” Institute formed a team which took on the challenge with enthusiasm and commitment. On the 10th of February, a three-member team, Nevenka Muley, Director, Branka Laznik, MD, Board member and Ayana Pešec, founder of the Institute, took a flight to Chennai in Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state.

Gašper Orehek met us at the airport and we drove off to face new challenges. We spent most of the time in his car, on dusty, bumpy roads, in constant expectation of what awaits us in the next village. Before leaving Slovenia we asked Gašper to prepare as many meetings and visits to villages, its life, and children as possible, to get a better picture and general insight.
It is difficult to describe everything we experienced on this journey. Ineffable feeling of commitment, trust, expectation, openness, sadness, pain and at the same time gratitude to the universe that we were given to be here among Kulis, workers, farmers and these souls forgotten by the society. My god, how much beauty in all these faces; what flows through you when you are among them and experience all the tolerance, gratefulness and pride, that they host you and accept you among themselves.

First in a long time have I felt that I am a part of great work and richness, which we are being offered.
Poverty is everywhere. Collapsing earth cabins, bungalows made of palm leaves full of insects; snakes, monsoon rains which sweep away most homes every year. Dying and sick and hungry, pined away without any possibility to change anything in their lives. What they have, the biggest treasure they care for, and hope for their better life, are their children.

How much indescribable beauty, clarity in their eyes, dignity and maturity, playfulness and responsibility in these children. Most children and orphans without both parents, or have one who does not have means to maintain them. Mostly women, widows in the prime of life, tired and aged too early. Other children are cared for by their grandparents, uncle or aunt, or just under a vigilant eye of their neighbour, and don’t have any means for living. All they have left is hope that something will happen, that somebody will look and pull at least the children from this poverty.

And that’s exactly what happened when Gašper Orehek arrived to Tamil Nadu. With love and a belief in a better world, and a feeling of deep appurtenance, he walked among them. With joint forces they made the first steps. He founded the first TWIMC centres which operate under the management of supervisors, appointed by him, people from that environment, priests, teachers.
Unfortunately, that is not enough to solve the basic problem, present at every step, seen on every face. Poverty and life at the bottom of the social ladder is the main characteristic of Kulis. Rejected by everybody, they harden in this world of duality in a manner of their own.

Living in such circumstances is almost impossible and unimaginable to people from the West. No water, electricity, nor food; work is difficult to get, for only one Euro per day. In this situation, without prospect for a life worthy of a human being, live children who hope for a better, more just future. To be born in such circumstances is a big challenge, which only experienced souls are capable of, and they are our grand teachers. Their decision to be there and wait for our compassion and humanitarianism is our conscience.

Remember that great souls of this time were born in such circumstances, not far from Tamil Nadu. Satya Sai Baba is in Andra Pradesh, in Tamil Nadu is Sri Aurobindo’s ashram, Auroville, where the Westerners go for their lectures in spirituality. Mother Meera was born not far from here. That is just a minor comparison of what’s in these mystical places. We do other things in India, we travel, meditate, chant, walk around without pondering and asking ourselves what is happening under the surface of this seeming reality.

Most often we don’t perceive which is the next step in our world of spirituality. I had inner dialogues about that when I realised that our path of activity is to make concrete decisions and responsibilities here among the Indian Kulis. Through concrete work and love to sisters and brothers, mutual respect and awareness that we are all one family, one is able to give oneself an opportunity among these souls.
I believe that many people ask themselves how to make the world a better place. “EkoAltVindol” Institute has linked up with TWIMC, founded and run by Gašper Orehek with his colleagues, to search together for sponsors for Indian children.

All of you, brothers and sisters, my dear and beloved known and unknown friends, we invite you to come together, shoulder to shoulder, and give opportunity to these children to build a better world. If we give up 10 to 30 Euro each month, we provide an opportunity for new life to flourish. Gratitude of these children will be immense. One has to experience it genuinely, in their own warm manner of deep, unspeakable gratitude.
Open up, so that blessings may flow through your soul upon this grand deed. Being a SPONSOR is immensely spiritual; a connection between us and the universe, which supports us in this activity. To take this responsibility, to give ourselves an opportunity for spiritual growth in this material world, and at the same time embrace orphans, is something that great people can do.

We therefore enc ourage you, my dear friend, sister and brother, to join this project and with deep commitment to service you become sponsor to Indian children!

If you recognise yourself in this project, we invite you to contact us and after talking to us obtain all details about a child, his schooling and photographs. Do not miss this opportunity presented to you, to give yourself and Indian children a better future.
You are heartily invited!

Wrote: Ayana
Photos: Nevenka
Translation: Marjana

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.