Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Start of building Loveable Home!

Building began on 25/2/2012. On this day there is a Hindu holiday and my wife Clements stayed at home.

But it was no holiday for her as she went with me at 5 o'clock in the morning from home. We started with work at 7 am in the morning and it was a very hot day. We have not had any rain this year, so we were very pleased when the tank with water arrived. Mason works from 9 am to 17 pm, but he voluntary, free of charge worked from 7 am to 18 pm in the evening. Three hours of additional work was his contribution to Loveable Home. He would like to help more but he has a big family that he provides for, but has very little money. So he will work each day longer than paid as his contribution to the orphanage. We thank him from the heart, as well as to all other people who decided to help in this way with him.
The foundations were finished today. We were very hardworking, everyone had his job, some built, others dig, bending iron, ...
My wife returned with bus back to Cuddalore, since she has school, and I stayed in the village to complete the work. In two days we built up to roof, and when we cover it we will plaster it.
I would like to thank all those who are helping us in the construction of Loveable Home. I would also like to ask all friends to respond and help us in building of Loveable Home. Any even a minimal amount means a lot, because it is given from the heart. In the end, Loveable home will be home for all of us and you all will always be welcome. Thank you!
Donated amount can be sent for the lower cost of bank remittance to the
Društvo botrov otrok,
Neveljska pot 16,
1241 Kamnik,
TR Bank Koper 1010-0005-0872-324 marked CHAR_Loveable home

Or directly to Gašper to the account:
Western Union to:
Chairmen TWIMC;
No.4.Kuttiappan nagar,

We thank you in advance for each contribution!


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