Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sand for the house painting and colouring pipes!

Next Sunday 17.3.2013 we will cover the house, so we want to make everything ready for that. 

You've probably noticed that we installed doors a little bit high. This is for protection against floods, which are common here. We poured floors of the house and by the house with sand and thus avoid any problems if it rained. We ordered three trucks of sand that was poured with the help of locals. We also painted the iron pipes to protect them. On this occasion I would like to heartily thank to godmother Anita Kereži who sent the money so we could bought the sand, color for the protection of iron, windows, doors and houses and also paid for transportation. I like to work, as you can see from the picture. With neighbor who selflessly offered to help, we managed to clean and paint despite the unbearable heat. Also, I am immensely grateful to him for help. It was like a sauna, I certainly came home with some kilograms less, because I lost a lot of fluid. I kept thinking about how three children are looking forward to having sponsors, the house will soon be covered, how to organize a "summer camp" for kids, because poor children can’t go anywhere during the holidays, programs for learning English, drawing, dancing  ... I talked about this with one of the teachers of tomorrow and we are meeting tomorrow to make plans. Some children who were at home, sang and danced, brought some tea and coffee. With all these plans the day despite the heat quickly passed. Tired and happy at the same time my wife Clementso and I went home.
Dear godparents, friends, please help, each to the best of his ability. Your donation can be paid to:
Društvo botrov otrok,
Neveljska pot 16,
1241 Kamnik,
TR Bank Koper 1010-0005-0872-324 marked CHAR_Loveable home

Or directly to Gašper to the account:
Western Union to:
Chairmen TWIMC;
No.4.Kuttiappan nagar,

We thank you in advance for each contribution!


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