Saturday, 9 March 2013

Last preparations before building!

Saturday was for me and Clementso quite busy and a lot has been done. We went from home at 6 in the morning to buy cement and prepare everything needed for building, which starts on Monday, 2/25/2013

We bought 30 bags of cement from the man who makes bricks. He gets cement straight from the factory and he sold it to us at the same price he buys it with no earnings. This is a very helpful and we are grateful to him from the heart. We took cement with oxen to us. That way the transport was cheaper and at the same time we gave an opportunity to impoverished neighbor of Loveable Home to make some earning.
30 bags of cement will be enough to build house to the roof, then it will take few days to wait for it to dry completely (so the walls would not shake) and then we can put up the roof. Material for the roof is ready. Once covered, we will need an additional 30 bags of cement for plastering and floors. When the house will be under roof and plastered we will connect electricity. Cables, sockets and all that is required for electricity we already have. When I bought these things in the Susila elektroniks shop I was pleasantly surprised. Shop owner Citi Babu gave me the receipt and said "This is my small contribution to building of Loveable Home. I've heard a lot about you and read how hard you try to help poorer, especially children ... and now I have the opportunity and I'm glad I can help." I could not say a word because of the surprise and joy. Thanks to Mr Citi Babu from the heart. Any help is welcome and we are grateful from the heart. We need at least 300 eur for electricity connection. We need to put two electric poles up to connect the electricity, so dear friends and all people of good heart please donate so we could connect the electricity and water. Every euro is welcomed and we will be heartily grateful. This year we are having major problems with water. There is no water nearby and therefore we brought barrels, and women will bring water and fill them each day. They will have to go for water over 300 meters from us. Building will last for three days. Water is routed only to larger tanks (there it is administered only once a day in a specific time) from which the villagers take it for their own use, so that is not enough. The all area around us eagerly awaits when will we start to drill for water (depth will be 300 feet - a little more than 100m), because then they too will have water. This will be a very costly (drilling, piping, engine, etc. ..) and will cost at least 3,000 euros.
We brought a thick sand (rocks) for foundations. We bought it a few days ago already, but we planned it to transport it in a single day and save on time and money.
Windows and doors are already delivered and ready for installation.
We returned home late in the evening with Clementso and were very happy and at the same time very tired. We are grateful to all the villagers, who voluntary helped in every part of building. We are grateful to all the people of good hearts, who have and will continue to financially help to build Loveable Home.
It is not the sum that is important, the important thing is that the Loveable home built with work of good people. How much heart and love there will be in any of even smallest part of Loveable Home. Any even a minimal amount means a lot, because it is given from the heart. In the end, Loveable home will be home for all of us and you will be always welcome. Thank you!
Donated amount can be sent for the lower cost of bank remittance to the
Društvo botrov otrok,
Neveljska pot 16,
1241 Kamnik,
TR Bank Koper 1010-0005-0872-324 marked CHAR_Loveable home

Or directly to Gašper to the account:
Western Union to:
Chairmen TWIMC;
No.4.Kuttiappan nagar,

We thank you in advance for each contribution!


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