Friday, 15 February 2013

Iron, pipes for electricity and bricks are ready!

Iron and pipes for electricity for the house are prepared. They have brought us the bricks too (2000 pieces).

Now we have everything except for the cement. By now the overall cost was about 69,000 INR (1000 eur). I looked everywhere to buy at reduced prices and merchants have renounced their profit for which we are very grateful. We are grateful to all the people with good hearts who have contributed in any way in building of Loveable home. Most of them are not rich but have a rich a heart and gave money for a good cause. Not significant sum, but it is important that Loveable home is built with effort of good people. How much courage will there be in any even smallest part of Loveable Homa.
In the coming days I will be busy finding people with good hearts – sponsor, so we will collect funds and buy cement. We start with the construction on 24.2. on Sunday, as we agreed with the builders.
Dear friends, hearty people, help and donate. Every, even smallest amount means a lot, as it is given from the heart. In the end, Loveable home will be home for all of us and you all will be always welcome. Thank you!
Donated amount can be sent for the lower cost of bank remittance to the
Društvo botrov otrok,
Neveljska pot 16,
1241 Kamnik,
TR Bank Koper 1010-0005-0872-324 marked CHAR_Loveable home

Or directly to Gašper to the account:
Western Union to:
Chairmen TWIMC;
No.4.Kuttiappan nagar,

TWIMC bank account:
State Bank of India
ACCOUNT No:30411201028
We thank you in advance for each contribution!


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