Saturday, 5 January 2013

Construction of the house begins!



That we can begin to build a LOVEABLE HOME we must first build a house that will be connected to electricity and have a safe building materials, tools, engine water, ... it will also serve as an office.

With the money we got from the DRUŠTVA POZITIVNO ŽIVLJENJE we purchased 700 concrete blocks, so we are to the president of the association Mojca Lubej and other members of the DRUŠTVO POZITIVNO ŽIVLJENJE from the heart grateful. THANK YOU!
Ms Majda Burja from Kamnik us with your contribution helped that we pay transport bricks. Even to you, Mrs. Majda we are sincerely grateful. THANK YOU!
Dear friends, we also ask you for help. We would like to finish the house, connect electricity, provide water and started to build a LOVEABLE HOME, but without your help it is impossible. Help please according to your abilities, each small contribution is highly appreciated. THANK YOU!
Our desire is to establish a LOVEABLE HOME (as an orphanage and a home for the elderly called) as soon as possible, as far as possible this year. All documents are edited and construction can begin. Every euro will be welcome. In advance thank all the people of good hearts who are willing to help build orphanages and homes for the elderly. For more information, see the website and contact DRUŠTVO BOTROV OTROK TWIMC, Neveljska pot 16, 1241 Kamnik. Tel: 040 296 531 Lidija or 041 705 732 Igor. Remittances are possible in DRUŠTVO BOTROV OTROK TWIMC in Slovenia at the expense of the Banka Koper: 1010-0005-0872-324, the purpose of payment CHAR-LOVEABLEHOME. THANK YOU!

“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.