Tuesday, 23 August 2011

About the founder

I should submit first my personal introduction to you. I am a World citizen, GASPER OREHEK from SLOVENIA (EUROPA). Born on December 22.nd 1958 in small village of Prevoje near Domzale.

During my adult years, I had felt deeply the suffering caused in the world of war, the blind race for armaments, the destruction wrought by narcotics, poverty, hunger and misery of the people and increasing hatred between man and man I got inspiration and start to dream that I want to see the world flourish in the love, peace and friendship.

Determined to build bridges of understanding among people and wipe out hatred, bloodshed and violence. No good can be done for someone, first of all if he is not loved. I love all the sisters and brothers. With this in my mind I started my world tour on foot 22th June 1984. When I was 24 years old with the welfare messages, protesting against evils like drugs, narcotics, war, terror, racism, alcoholism, poverty and hunger prevalent in this world.

My tour covered 45 countries through Europe, Africa and Asia. In my tour of the world on foot I come to know, understood, perceived many problems of the people of different regions in particular I found India as a mini world. India is a accumulation of all aspect attracted me very much, the beauty of the nature as well as the culture of the people of India. On the other side my heart melt like anything, when I see a poor people begging on road side, mentally ill people roaming around, handicapped people, helpless, widows with a great danger, struggling to feed the children to educate the children, orphans on the street without hope, roaming and small children working in the factories, making bricks, selling toys, cleaning vehicles.etc…

Poverty is everywhere. Collapsing earth cabins, huts made of palm leaves full of insects, snakes. Monsoon rains which sweep away most homes every year. Sick and hungry; due to poverty the children are working in the factories or begging instead of going to school. To have at least one meal per day.

With love and a belief in a better world I walked to them. With joint forces I made the first steps. I found the TWIMC charitable trust. With the Moto of “All are my sisters and brother. ”The World Is My Country (TWIMC) at Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu, India. The Cuddalore district I found is a suitable place to put up my base office to work in the villages as well in the surroundings poor district in Tamilnadu. The Cuddalore is costal district. Laying on the bank of the Bay of Bengal. Covered with certain portion of plain lands. The people who are living here are very poor. Mostly independent on fishing. The ground water level is not uniform and is salty in this district. For that reason the agriculture is very poor. In the year 2004 total devastated by tsunami. Offenly affected by cyclone and floods during the monsoon rains. We soon extended our activities to other part of Tamilnadu.

Now we have our branches at Dindigul, Thirupatur, Vaddalur, Thirukkuvalai, Utiramerur, Villpuram which operate under the management of supervaisors, appointed by me; people from the environment, priest, teachers, etc…

General description

Tamilnadu state is an agricultural state. As there is no potential water resource, people manly depend on monsoon rains for cultivation. Most of the farmers own less than 1/2 acres of land and cultivate crops such as paddy and ground nuts. Besides agricultural activities, handful of population employed in the industries. Due to lack of occupational chances, thousands of people migrate to other states, seeking their lively hood. The people living in Tamilnadu facing lot of problem. Especially the children are lacking education, health care (especially girls) etc.. On the whole the major population in Tamilnadu is economically backward and live below the poverty line.

Socio-Economic Reality

The TWIMC has chosen some villages for its mission. Those villages do not have any land but daily workers. In Tamilnadu the village are socially, economically, culturally and educationally very backward. The lands here are not the proverbial smiling fields. They are mostly barren and dry. For irrigation; wells and rain fed thanks are the main sources of irrigation. Only about 20% of the cultivable lands are under well and tank irrigation. The rest are rain fed entirely depending on monsoon rains for cultivation on any crop. The main occupation of nearly 80% of the total population is agricultural labour on daily wages. The poor people here are struggling hard even for a single meal a day.


The literacy percentage in Tamilnadu is still very poor despite the best efforts of the Government and Voluntary organizations to improve the literacy percentage through various literacy programs. The main reason for this is the economic backwards of the people. The families in each and every family equally share the responsibility of maintaining families by taking up any job, work including children.

A bonded elderly

Aged people are treasures in the society. It is pathetic to know that elders are rejected by their own children due to the poverty in the family. In Tamilnadu we indentify lot of elderly people without food and shelter and proper medical care.

Charitable action

TWIMC is doing lot of good works within a short period time, just because of the benefactors, people with good heart. We extended our work of doing service to the rural poor people in Andhra Pradesh also. In my world tour I passed through East Godavari district and found Prathipadu area is a suitable place to put up my TWIMC branch office to work in the tribal villages as well as in the poor segments of upland areas. Prathipadu is basically better place for movement to all the villages which require assistance. In Prathipadu Sree Ramakrishna Samithy guided and assisted me to start the work in that area. I am very thankful to Sre Yalla Veeraraju, the Chairmen the Samithi. It so happened that one of the family members of Late Sri Allaparapathi Akkaiah of Allaparu village, Guntur district visited Prathipadu. He was very much impressed and requested me to visit their village, all the family members asked me to extend the services to their area also. They come generously and they donate the land for the service centre to start activities like Old age home and orphan care. The land is donated in the memory of their great grand father, late sri allaparthi Akkaiah, and extent of Ac.0.55 cents, which values of rupees five lakhs. I am thankful to late sri Allaparthi family members for their love and understanding towards me and the poor of the poorest. The land was donated freely. After late Sri Allaparthi family, the efforts are made to start initially an old age home, which we have named TWIMC ‘GOLDEN HOME’. The construction of semi permanent shed with measurements of 76’*22’ completed. The plans and estimates for the construction of permanent structure in the site are prepared at an estimate of rs.25lakhs. We request kind hearted donors to come forward and contribute according to their ability as our desire is to provide good healthy environment, which would give the senior citizens and orphan children to feel the place is their real lovely home.

The Objectives of the Charitable Trust,TWIMC:

1.To establish baby care centers for unwanted children.

2.To establish homes for street children, orphans, child labour and educational assistance to the needy children.

3.To establish HIV and AIDS Health care centers.

4.To maintain old age homes

5.Training centers to youth in job oriented courses (skills)

6.Envirronmental Awareness for health improvement (i.e.) providing drinking water, better sanitation and tree plantation for global warming for better world

7.Educational training centers for girls and women, which can improve better living conditions like nutrition, sanitation and community health along with skill centers.

To realize the above mentioned objectives, I want to raise fund and donations locally from every one, who have heart to help the suffering of his fellowmen as well as from abroad and government and non-government organization.



“Who am I to pretend to be blind & not see their needs? Every child have right to bright future.” Children in need have dreams too, but their dreams are rarely given a chanse to blossom. Sponser a child today to change a life.